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Welcome to NSO 2011: New Horizons of Discovery

On May 18-21, 2011, the University of Wisconsin-Madison will proudly host the 27th annual National Science Olympiad Tournament. More than 7,000 students, educators, parents and volunteers are expected to attend from across the country...
Van Valaskey and Gary Graper
Co-tournament Directors

Understanding Immunity

In the mid-1940s University of Wisconsin geneticist Ray Owen noticed a surprising fact about non-ide...


Students face the bright lights of competition at the 2010 Wisconsin State Science Olympiad Tournament hosted at UW-Madison.
A competing team poses in front  of the Maquina Fountain in Engineering Mall.
In 1998, UW-Madison biologist James Thomson successfully isolated and cultured human embryonic stem cells, kicking off a flurry of research involving these

Understanding Immunity

In the mid-1940s University of Wisconsin geneticist Ray Owen noticed a surprising fact about non-identical cattle twins. Each twin had two kinds of blood cells, its own and those of its twin. In ordinary transfusions, such mixing of blood cells often leads to severe immunological reaction. Owen realized that when bloods are exchanged early in development, each twin somehow learns to tolerate the other's cells. This discovery of "immune tolerance" helped to explain how an organism can tell its own cells from foreign ones, and fueled a revolution in immunology. The nature of immune tolerance is central to studies of organ transplantation, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.


June 16, 2011 - Awards Photos Posted
The awards photos have been posted. Browse through the photos more...
May 24, 2011 - Opening and Awards Ceremonies
Archived videos are now available for both the Opening Ceremony and more...

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Tournament Updates

Update for Flying Bird
All teams planning to participate with the "flying bird" event should report half way through the co more...
Update for Battery Buggy

As we will be in a gymnasium like setting, there will be no established lane width. There will b more...

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